Sweathouse Climbing 10.17.09

Scott Goodwin and I strolled into the canyon for the day to work on a few projects and play on some of the new stuff put up on the Opium Boulder.  We warmed up on the Sweathouse Boulder and then began a traverse from “sweaty palms” to “BNL.”  We couldn’t link it together that day but it will send soon!  Expect it will go at around a V6 or 7 rating.  V2 to 3 moves up until the crux which is a long reach off small crimp to a sloper/crimp with poor feet.  It doesn’t sound fun but trust me, it is!  We are calling it the “potatoes in a sack” project!

We got on the V4 in the Opium Den boulder that Scott was able to send quickly but I had troubles with the last move after the mantle; standing up!  Great problem, fun moves, and an even better mantle!


Sweat House Creek Climber’s Guide,

Southbound to Victor,
Take 93 south to Victor, turn right on 5th street, go right at end of 5th, left onto Sweathouse Creek Road, follow SHC Rd to end, park at the designated area and follow road past quarry to trailhead.
*If there is a detour at the end of 5th Street, go left stay on that road till Red Crow, take a right, then take a left onto Sweathouse Creek Road.
Northbound to Victor,
Take 93 north to Victor, turn left on 5th street,go right at end of 5th, left onto Sweathouse Creek Road, follow SHC Rd to end, park at the designated area and follow road past quarry to trailhead.
Bear Grass Boulder

In the summer of 2009, a few others and I checked out a drainage that was rumored to have some large, moss-covered boulders.  After a 1.5 mile casual hike the trail puts you right into the heart of the main bouldering area, the Flower Garden.  Many of the boulders have a similar granite consistency of Bishop, CA.  The 25+ boulders we have found so far feature tall and over hanging lines with under clings, sharp crimps, lots of lock offs and really good slopers.  The hardest route so far is a V9 on the Tulip Boulder called “Maverick” put up by Kelsey Duncan, which has yet to see a repeat.  There are numerous V5’s and V6’s and potential for the establishment of numerous double digit problems. 

Find up to date information with this guide as we develop more and more of one of the best bouldering spots around Missoula, MT…

Thanks Dylan for taking such great photos every time you pick up a camera!

Check out this other blog on Sweathouse Creek for other information!

Navigate the site by using the tabs at the top of the page or the links on the right under “Sweathouse Creek.”  Each link is to a boulder group/area in Sweathouse Creek.  Each area will then contain links to each boulder in that area.  So, please check out each area and the boulders within them!

Thanks to Joe S. and Sam “Man Cub” J. and everyone else for putting so much time and effort into providing a clean, friendly climbing environment within Sweathouse Creek.  The canyon has some great potential and I hope all enjoy it!
Corey Piersol

Sweat House Creek Map